These Adorable Sweatpants Outfits Prove That Jeans Are Officially Cancelled (2024)

These Adorable Sweatpants Outfits Prove That Jeans Are Officially Cancelled (1)

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Real pants are officially cancelled, hunny! Cause let's be honest, no one in their right mind would try to rock a pair of jeans in our current situation. And since you'll now be finishing up the school year at home, there's no better time to whip out your comfiest loungewear. I don't know who needs to hear this (me, I need to hear this), but you can't get away with wearing the same stained T-shirt on Zoom forever, you know.

Make your unwashed sweats feel brand new with these adorable sweatpants outfits that will make you reject your pile of denim for the foreseeable future–or, at least until the end of lockdown. So go ahead and start scrolling for all the cutest ways to dress up your comfiest hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and joggers.

Make It Fashun

Wanna know how fashion editors style sweats? I present, Exhibit A. Tucked into a pair of snakeskin boots and layered under a statement coat makes them look high-key professional.

What you'll need: INC International Concepts Paiton Block-Heel Boots, $59.80, Macy's


Lean Into Lavender

Tossing on a pair of sweats over your bikini looks effortlessly cool and is totally ideal for when the sun sets. Up the chic factor by going for a full monochromatic look.

What you'll need: Women's Heavyweight Recycled Cotton Cuffed Track Pants, $120, Pangaia


Weekend Whites

Pair black sweatpants with elevated ivory staples for a classic, timeless vibe.

What you'll need: Mock Neck Tunic, $140, b new york


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Head-to-Toe Taupe

A cool sneaker and sunglasses brings a fashion edge to your sweatpants. This is the perfect look for when you need that coffee fix but don't want people to know you just rolled out of bed.

What you'll need: Trinity Ribbed Tank Top, $24.90, Storets


Layer It Up

Birkenstocks, tube socks, and a fall trench – all my favorite things in one 'fit.

What you'll need: Patent Camel Trench Coat, $79, Lulus


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Sweat Shorts

Sweat shorts are becoming a huge trend so get. on. board. Wear the matching sweatshirt or knot it with a ribbed tank (swipe to see) for that cutting edge flare.

What you'll need: Navy Sweatshort, $26.99, Mayfair


Cropped and Cozy

Olivia Culpo's sweat set features a cropped bralette and a cropped pant, but still gives all the autumn cozy vibes.

What you'll need: Cotton Plunge Bralette, $36, Skims


Borrowed From Bae

The oversized flannel and snapback bring all the tomboy feels.

What you'll need: Plus Oversized Boyfriend Flannel Shirt, $25, Boohoo


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Prepster Chic

A super dressy look can also be comfy. Case in point:

What you'll need: Collusion Oversized Shirt In White, $32, ASOS


Corduroy Casual

A corduroy pair of sweats is the perfect way to bring the fall season to your school-from-home attire.

What you'll need: Muse Sweatpant, $98, Alo Yoga


Boots Made For Walking

Adding a knee high pair of boots instantly makes your sweats feel Instagram-cool.

What you'll need: Wayde Black Leather Boots, $189.95, Steve Madden


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Neutral Color Block

To get more wears out of your sweatsuits, mix and match your sets, so no one will know you've worn the same sets multiple times this week.

What you'll need: Sweatshirt With Wide Waistband, $80, SUNDRY



Who says you can't wear a blazer with sweatpants? This outfit is ideal for those days when you want to get dressed up, but also not really.

What you'll need: Babaton Samuel Linen Blazer, $113.99, Aritzia


Monochromatic Muse

You can never go wrong with a full on monochromatic ensemble – even when it's a sweatsuit.

What you'll need: Amberglow Tiér Hoodie, $150, Tier NYC


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Winter Whites

Take your snow sweats and add a cute beanie and fuzzy slippers for a low-key, but festive holiday aesthetic.

What you'll need: Fluff Yeah Slide, $100, Ugg


All About Accessories

Adding your most-statement making accessories to your sweats will take them from something a little drab to a chic outfit worthy of a socially distant night out.

What you'll need: Supreme Mixed Chain Layered Necklace, $75, Ettika


Laidback Loungewear

For the coolest and comfiest ways to style your loungewear, check out Danielle Bernstein's Instagram account. She is the sweatsuit goddess we should all be following.

What you'll need: The Lightweight French Terry Crew, $38, Everlane


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Sweats and Leather

Even though you probably won't be boarding a plane any time soon, this sweatpants outfit is still totally wearable. Throw on a leather jacket for your next FaceTime date.

What you'll need: Utility Shirt, $159, Good American


Vintage-y Graphics

A easy crewneck with an XL graphic gives off that easy, '80s athleisure feel made famous by Princess Diana.

What you'll need: Erica New York Sweatshirt, $36, Brandy Melville


These Adorable Sweatpants Outfits Prove That Jeans Are Officially Cancelled (23)

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These Adorable Sweatpants Outfits Prove That Jeans Are Officially Cancelled (2024)
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