The Best Thanksgiving Outfits 2023 | Last Minute Style Stars (2024)

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Stunning Thanksgiving outfits and dresses from comfy & cozy to elegant & dressy

Thanksgiving outfits for women are one of those outfits that are based around wanting to look cute and stylish but also have plenty of room to eat. As well as dressing so that you don’t overheat cooking, eating, drinking or cozying up by the fire. I’m leaving the bodycon dresses, tight high waists and cut out dresses for holiday parties and going for a more comfortable but cute Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving dress. Honestly, by the end of the night, our family will probably be in their onesies watching a movie or playing games but we like to dress up for dinner. So if you’re wondering what to wear for Thanksgiving 2023, scroll down for Thanksgiving outfit ideas to nail Thanksgiving fashion 2023.

I’m not really into wearing Fall colors like brown, orange and yellow so my Thanksgiving outfit ideas are a bit more girly and unique than most Thanksgiving fashion edits. Whatever your Thanksgiving plans are this year, the real question is what are you going to wear?

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Thanksgiving Outfit Edit 2023

What’s the Thanksgiving fashion for 2023? Get some cute Thanksgiving outfit ideas from the list below that will also work for other family gatherings and special occasions. A lot of these are great Fall outfits that you can wear on repeat throughout the season and not just for Thanksgiving.

Like this black jumpsuit that’s easy to dress up or down with jewelry and a belt, style with different shoes and to layer with. So when the meat sweats start you’re not roasting! Plus the stretch jersey spandex fabric is forgiving, comfortable and perfect for eating in.

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I’ve also found styles from websites I know will arrive in time and offer free shipping and returns. So if you’re not familiar with a brands sizing you can order a couple of sizes to make sure it fits and aren’t stuck with something you don’t love or that doesn’t fit.

The Best Thanksgiving Outfits 2023 | Last Minute Style Stars (3)

I ordered 3 styles to choose from as I’ll wear them throughout the season not just for Thanksgiving. This red set might be too sexy for a family Thanksgiving but is super cute for Friendsgiving. You can also just button up the cardigan for when you want to show less skin.

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What to wear for Thanksgiving 2023

The Thanksgiving outfits for 2023 from classic style to what’s trending now:

The 3 Thanksgiving outfits I ordered

  1. Red 3 piece knit set. It’s a crop top but you can button up the cardigan to cover up whenever you want and mix and match the pieces with other things in your closet.
  2. Off the shoulder black dress. If I don’t wear it for Thanksgiving, I’ll wear it to holiday parties.
  3. Cut out black top. This will be super cute with jeans throughout Fall & Winter or with leather shorts, skirts or satin slip skirts.
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When’s the last date to order my Thanksgiving outfit?

Lulu’s Thanksgiving outfits for women arrive Nov 16-17th if you order today (November 9th) so you still have a week to get your orders in. If you sign up for their emails you get 15% off your order.

Revolve and Nordstrom also always have really fast and reliable shipping and you can see the expected delivery date when you check out.

If you’ve left your Thanksgiving outfit shopping until the last minute just choose one of the expedited shipping options.

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas & Styling Tips 2023

Style button downs like plaid button downs with a black thong bodysuit (no VPL), jeans and ankle, knee high or jeans and over the knee boots. Other color bodysuits would work depending on what color your button down is. I just tend to stay away from white when there’s lots of cooking and food involved.

A tie or wrap sweater dress is great for loosening as you need to throughout the day. It can also be layered with tights or leggings if you get cold.

The Best Thanksgiving Outfits 2023 | Last Minute Style Stars (7)

A satin slip skirt or dress is easy to layer and can be dressed up or down with a t-shirt and blazer or a sweater. I love this look with simple but elegant mules.

Off the shoulder knit dresses are one of those practical styles that are dressy and stylish but also comfortable.

A shrug set and leather joggers is an on trend Thanksgiving fashion for 2023 look and elasticated waists are always appreciated when there’s a lot of food involved.

A jumpsuit is another stylish, versatile and comfortable Thanksgiving outfit that can be dressed up or down. Add your favorite designer belt to elevate the look.

A ruched dress is one of the most flattering styles you can wear for disguising food babies.

A loose t-shirt dress and leggings is an easy option for a low key, casual Thanksgiving.

Complete your cute Thanksgiving outfit

Now you’ve figured out what to wear for Thanksgiving 2023, here’s how to complete your outfit in style.

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  • Thanksgiving fashion 2023: 55 cute sweater dresses
  • Black sandals to see you through all of the Winter season

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The Best Thanksgiving Outfits 2023 | Last Minute Style Stars (2024)
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