Animal Crossing New Horizons: HOW FARMING WORKS! (How To Grow Pumpkins) Everything You Need To Know! (2023)


A complete guide to the new farming mechanic feature in ACNH, demonstrating all stages when growing and harvesting pumpkins during the Fall Update 🎃
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Today we breakdown everything you need to know about the new Farming Feature in Animal Crossing New Horizons.
We take a look at all typed of pumpkins, their growing rates and stages, and compare them to the flower mechanics that already exist in Animal Crossing New Horizons.
Pumpkins seem to be less like a vegetable that we can farm, and more like a special flower that can be used to craft things.
Whether or not that is true, this mechanic opens up a world of possibilities for New Horizons, and is almost certainly just the beginning of farming.
Do you think pumpkins grow a random amount? Or do they produce more, the longer they're left to grow? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below 🥰

Today's word of the day is... drum roll... 🥁🥁🥁... "CROPS", because lets face it, we all want to grow a bunch of different crops around our Islands, so if you read this far in the description, please post "CROPS" in the comments, and join the #DescriptionGang 😎

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Hey, youtube, welcome back to a brand new animal crossing new horizons.

Video today we are taking a closer look at the farming mechanic going over everything, we know so far, including how it works.

So without further ado, let's, get straight into today's video.

So as I'm sure, you know, the full update trailer dropped a couple of days ago and introduced a whole bunch of new content, including a brand new farming feature that allows us to grow and harvest our very own pumpkins.

Now, over the years animal crossing has, of course, had the ability to plant and grow things like trees, flowers and fruit.

But this is a first for growing and harvesting a fruit or vegetable that grows on the ground, which is super exciting.

Now before we get into the mechanic of how farming will work it's important to understand how flowers grow in new horizons.

So flowers grow in four stages across four days on day.

One in the first stage, the sprouts are planted or spawned on day.

Two in the second stage.

These stems grow on day, three in the third stage, the buds of the flower grow.

And finally on day, four in the fourth stage, the plants bloom, giving you a fully grown flower now based on the full update trailer, it seems that pumpkins follow this exact growing pattern too first.

We have the pumpkin sprout followed by the stem stage then the bud, or in this case, a mini pumpkin with the final stage, including a fully grown pumpkin, which suggests the pumpkins will take four days to grow before they can be harvested again in the trailer we can see the player watering the pumpkin patch, which is to be expected.

And if you look closely, you can even see some of the pumpkins sparkling afterwards now, given that these pumpkins appear to follow the same growing pattern as flowers can be watered sparkle and even harvested or picked up like flowers.

The farming feature is almost certainly using the flower mechanic.

In fact, it's probably easier to think of pumpkins as a special flower rather than anything else.

Now moving on the reason we're able to grow pumpkins is of course to harvest them and use them as a crafted material to craft some new seasonal pumpkin themed items to harvest them.

All we have to do is pick the fully bloomed pumpkins after day, four, however, it looks as though each individual pumpkin can grow between one and three pumpkins as you can see here.

Each of these three pumpkin plants have different amounts of pumpkins, but can all be harvested at this stage it's, not known right now.

If each plant grows a random amount on day, four, or if the pumpkins grow more, the longer they're left, for example, having three pumpkins by day, six either way once the pumpkins are harvested, just like the flowers, the pumpkin plants revert back to the stems in stage two and will begin to regrow given farming appears so similar to how flowers work.

We can also assume you don't actually need to water the pumpkins for them to grow.

And if you run over them it's likely, any pumpkins will be destroyed reverting the plant back to the buds in stage three, but we'll have to wait and see how true that is anyway, just like flowers, the pumpkins come in a variety of colors, including white, yellow green.

And of course, orange so it's safe to say that different diy recipes will probably require different colored pumpkins, much like how the door wreaths need different colors of the same flower to be crafted, which personally I think is a really cool detail.

Now in order to start growing your own pumpkin patch, you first need to plant pumpkin seeds.

These pumpkin starts can be bought in nooks cranny throughout october.

But don't worry.

They can also be purchased from leaf's garden shop when he visits in the plaza, which means they're actually available all year round, which is great news.

Unfortunately, because we've only seen the pumpkin seeds once we don't know if there's differences for different colored pumpkins, or if a random color is chosen as it grows.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that pumpkins as a raw crafting material can also be dropped on the floor or tables, just like any other in-game fruits and displayed as you'd expect here.

You can see a pumpkin dropped on a barrel.

And again, on these steel beams.

So that's, pretty cool.

And finally, it appears that pumpkin plants will continue to bear pumpkins for as long as you keep harvesting them.

So in order to remove a pumpkin plant, you no longer want or need, you would simply dig them up with a shovel.

And although not confirmed it's, also expected pumpkins will act just like fruit bamboo and mushrooms.

And any other edible items and will also give you energy for things like smashing rocks and digging up trees.

So there we have it that was pretty much everything.

We know so far about the new farming feature.

And of course, what pumpkins are and how they will work it's likely that pumpkins are just an introduction to farming in animal crossing and that we will see even more fruit and vegetables added to the game over the coming months, allowing us to farm even more food items previous data mines have shown hints for things like carrots and tomatoes and a bunch of other vegetables.

But what do you think is farming a welcomed feature or were you just hoping for some more fruits, let us know your thoughts in the comments below anyway for now that pretty much wraps up this video, if you're an animal crossing fan don't, forget to subscribe.

So you don't miss out on any new horizons news until then I'd like to give a special.

Thank you to the channel's patreon supporters as well as this channel's members, you guys, absolutely rock and truly help me upload as regularly as I do.

I couldn't do without you don't, forget head over to our discord server too.

And of course, if you made it to the end of the video, please comment farming just to let me know you did that would be super awesome and please be sure to include what other fruit and vegetables.

You'd love to see added to new horizons.

I'd love to know.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this video and found it entertaining, please be sure to leave a like if you did thanks for watching, I hope it's an amazing day, stay safe and I'll.

See you in my next video? Peace, you.


Why aren t my pumpkins growing in animal crossing? ›

Pumpkins will continue to grow without being watered, but you won't grow as many. After you've picked your pumpkins you can continue watering the same pumpkin plant to grow more. Make sure you water your pumpkins!

How do you grow pumpkins in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? ›

Just open your inventory, select the Pumpkin Start(s), and select “Plant 1.” When a Pumpkin Start is planted, it becomes a “Small Pumpkin Sprout.” If you want to move these plants around, you can freely dig them up with your shovel and replant them in the perfect spot.

How do you farm pumpkins in Animal Crossing? ›

You can either stand over an empty ground spot, or dig a hole first with your shovel. Then open your inventory and select pumpkin starts to plant. You might even want to make a little pumpkin patch area on your island first, marking out the area with the dirt tile from the Island Designer app, and even a little fence.

Can you plant full grown pumpkins in Animal Crossing? ›

Once players have obtained pumpkins and/or pumpkin starts, they can begin planting them to grow their pumpkin patch. Players can either plant pumpkin starts or whole pumpkins.

What is the rarest pumpkin color in Animal Crossing? ›

There are four pumpkin colors, all with different levels of rarity. Orange pumpkins are the most common, while yellow and white ones are marked as "uncommon." And green pumpkins are the rarest, and figuring out how to grow a specific pumpkin color is the most difficult part.

Why won't my pumpkins pollinate? ›

Too much nitrogen in the soil can also prevent female flower production, meaning you are left with all-male flowers which are unable to pollinate one another. Signs of nitrogen toxicity in pumpkin plants include yellowing of leaves and “burnt” edges, causing them to crisp and go brown.

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